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Jan, 2021

IYSA Covid Update January 2021


Regions in Illinois continue to advance into different tiers that allow for more soccer activities. At this time, their is not uniformed guidelines for the entire state and IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH SOCCER ORGANIZATION TO MONITOR THE METRIC IN THE REGION WHERE IT OPERATES, KNOW WHICH TIER or PHASE THEY ARE IN AND TO KNOW WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE PERMITTED BY LAW.

Illinois Youth Soccer DOES NOT have clarification on the regional metrics and questions concerning the allowable activities in your area should be directed to:

  • Your local health department or municipality
  • Illinois Department Of Public Health at [email protected]

The designation of your Region determines specific terms of your allowable activities including group size.  As of 1/22, soccer is designated as a medium risk and the allowable activities based on the Phase or Tier your region is in can be found here

In addition to the state guidelines, all organization must abide by any additional local restrictions and participation in soccer does NOT grant permission to disregard public health orders.  Any activities done that violate state, local or Illinois Youth Soccer guidelines will void insurance coverage for players, coaches and that soccer organization.  COVID-19 claims are NOT covered by Illinois Youth Soccer insurance.


Additionally, organizations MUST also

Again please direct any state-allowable activities / regional metric questions to the appropriate governmental agency and IYSA staff will be happy to assist you with soccer-related questions.

IYSA will not cover any player/team participating in indoor league play or games between teams in an indoor facility unless the games are organized and conducted by an IYSA Member League, when allowable by the state of Illinois.

Individual Training Requirements

For those areas still in Tier 3 Mitigations, the current state-issued COVID mitigation requires “Pause all indoor group sporting and recreational activities including youth and adult recreational sports; individual training may remain (with facility reservation).”

The current state mitigations define Individual Training as 1:1 training between a coach and player. 

One-on-One interactions between a minor and an adult who is not the minor’s parent/legal guardian are permitted if they occur at an observable and interruptible distance by another adult. Isolated, one-on-one interactions between minors and an adult who is not the minor’s parent/legal guardian are prohibited, except under emergency circumstances.  

Please note that Illinois Youth Soccer (IYSA) insurance does not cover any and all COVID related claims. In order to file a claim for a non-COVID related injury at an individual training, the team/club must be in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Every adult participant at the individual training must read, understand and comply with Section 8  One-on-One Interactions in IYSA Rule 029 Athlete & Participant Safety Policy (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS IYSA POLICY AND PROCEDURES: SEE SECTION 8 IN RULE 029) and with Public Law 115126 Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act.
  • Coach and player must be currently registered and on file with an IYSA Member League.
  • The team/club must have on file with its IYSA Member League(s) the IYSA Organization Communicable Disease Agreement.
  • The team/club must have on file for each adult and minor participant, the IYSA Emergency Medical Release & Liability Waiver.
  • The team/club must have on file for each adult and minor participant, the IYSA Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement.
  • The individual training must be conducted at least 8-feet apart from any another individual training session at all times, UNLESS further distance is required by local governement ordinace or faciltiy
  • Every participant at the individual training must wear a mask at all times.
  • Every participant at the individual training must Social Distance & comply with all other Covid guidelines.
  • Abide by all additional local government or facility requirements.


COVID REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: What to do if someone in your club tests positive for COVID-19


Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our soccer community. We understand that our member organizations want to get back on the field, but this must be done with strict focus on the safety of the players, coaches, referees and families and follow state and local guidelines for resumption of activities. The purpose of this document is to provide IYSA member soccer organizations and their athletes, parents, and coaches with information that they can use to assist them with developing their return-to-activity programming specific to their situation in context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Additional COVID-19 Documents & Info

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